In every industry, a clean and hygienic environment is essential for the well-being of employees and the maintenance of reputation. We help to scale up quickly in cleaning. Within 24 hours, we can deliver large numbers of employees.

What can Flexibel Staffing Agency offer in cleaning services?

Flexibel Staffing Agency understands the importance of a clean work or living environment and provides qualified staff for various cleaning services. Whether it's office buildings, hotels, production facilities, or public spaces, we supply staff who ensure thorough and professional cleaning.

Our services for the Cleaning industry include

Temporary staffing

Providing staff deployment. From motivated individuals to entire (flex)teams.


As an entrepreneur, you are freed from the risks and obligations of an employer. You no longer have to deal with staff administration.

(Semi) in-house staffing

Peace of mind for our clients with maximum service, flexibility and commitment from A to Z. From professional guidance at the start of an assignment to providing training and much more.

Performance monitoring

To measure is to know. To know is to improve. Our services are measured daily by our own system. We measure based on the client's requirements, but we also have our own established key points. These are 5, including quality and efficiency. 

Performance optimizing

Our project managers are closely involved in the processes and the shop floor and can use performance data to analyse and improve work efficiency and effectiveness.

Training of employees

We provide training, education and courses to enable employees to quickly and effectively start working for our clients. Our employees also have various career opportunities, which we support with our training opportunities.

Our Services for Cleaning

Flexibel Staffing Agency takes care of everything from A to Z, from onboarding employees to training them and supervising them on the job. Always under the watchful eye of experienced coordinators.

With our expertise and dedication to quality, we are a reliable partner for the flexible deployment of staff for your cleaning needs. Thanks to our protocols and training, we guarantee a team that contributes to a safe and hygienic work and living environment.